Omega-3s ease computer vision syndrome
As people spend more time in front of computer screens, mobile phones, tablets and TVs, symptoms of dry eye are increasing so much that the condition has a name: computer vision syndrome. In this study, 478 people with dry eye symptoms who had been using computers more than three hours per day for at least a year took 180 mg of EPA plus 120 mg of DHA per day, or a placebo. This is the amount of omega-3s found in a regular-strength 1,000 mg fish oil softgel. After three months, 15 percent of those in the placebo group were symptom free compared to 70 percent of those who took omega-3s. Doctors used the universal standard test for dry eyes—called the tear break-up time test—and found tears took eight times longer to deteriorate for the omega-3 group compared to placebo. This is the first study to evaluate taking an omega-3 fish oil supplement to treat dry-eye computer vision syndrome.

Reference: Contact Lens & Anterior Eye; 2015. Vol. 38, No. 3, 206-10.
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