The effect of creatine supplementation on women during resistance training

Sixteen collegiate women lacrosse players consumed either creatine or a placebo for 5 weeks during their preseason conditioning program (20 gram/day for 1 week and 2 grams/day for 4 weeks). Pre- and post testing consisted of body composition, muscle endurance test, blood lactate response to the endurance test, and 1 repetition maximum (1RM) bench press and leg extension.

Testing revealed that 1RM bench press significantly increased in both groups, with the creatine group improving significantly more than the placebo group (6.2 kg increase compared to 2.8 kg). Percent body fat measured by skinfold decreased significantly more in creatine than the placebo group (-1.2% and 0.3%). No significant differences between groups were found for all other measures.

The research team from the Department of Nutrition, Virginia Tech University, concluded that creatine supplementation significantly improved upper-body strength gains and decreased the percent body fat as assessed by skinfold measurements in women athletes engaged in a resistance-training program. 

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