New study reveals ashwagandha boosts desire and satisfaction

In India, Ayurvedic doctors have long used ashwagandha to treat sexual dysfunction in men and women. In this study, 50 healthy, sexually active women age 21 to 50 who reported having sexual difficulties, took 300 mg of ashwagandha twice per day, or a placebo. After eight weeks, compared to placebo, women taking ashwagandha reported greater improvement in physical and emotional measures including arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction.

Discussing the findings, doctors said earlier studies had found ashwagandha helped improve sexual function in men, but that this is the first placebo controlled trial to demonstrate significant positive effects on sexual function in women. Ashwagandha is a calming agent; an “adaptogen,” doctors explained, that promotes body balance, particularly by increasing or decreasing key hormones to bring them to appropriate levels.

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