Mark keeps energized and strong with protein, a pre-workout drink mix, amino acids and L-glutamine
Mark Thompson  
Personal Trainer
Age: 47
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 210 lbs
Los Angeles, CA

I start my weekdays between 3am-5am, usually taking my final client around 8pm-9pm. Even though I have breaks during the day, there is no way I can keep up with my required nutritional needs without the help of supplements.

I rely on WheyFit Isolate by Fitness Labs. It’s a great low calorie and low carb option to keep my daily protein intake high.

For workouts, I use Super Pumpby Gaspari. That stuff makes me feel like my muscles are going to rip through my skin! It’s the best for enhanced muscle pumps. 

Immediately before and after workouts, I take BCAAFit 5000 by Fitness Labs. It’s a great supplement to replenish amino acid stores in the body – and it helps me hammer through each workout.

After workouts, I take L-Glutamine Powder by Fitness Labs. It’s the ultimate for post-workout recovery.

I’ve been shopping at your retail stores since I moved into the area. You have a huge selection of products at great prices. And your staff is knowledgeable and always ready to answer any nutritional questions.  

I recommend you to my clients as well. Whether they are lactose intolerant, diabetic, vegetarian, or have any kind of special needs, I know they will get the right answers and products from you.

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