Husband and wife use supplements to help prepare for Fittest Couple competition

Paul Cieslak 
Sales Representative
Age: 38
Height 5’9”  Weight: 155 lbs.
Redondo Beach, CA

Susanna Cieslak
Age: 30
Height 5’7”  Weight: 125 lbs.
Redondo Beach, CA

We take a variety of supplements to ensure good overall health. Supplements help us feel energetic, and they optimize our workouts both in and out of the gym.

We love whey protein. We use it to optimize our recovery immediately following our morning cardio session. Prolab Caffeine gives us an incredible energy boost for our afternoon workouts. We also take them anytime during the day if we start to feel sluggish.

For overall health, we take Fitness Labs Fitness Multi 1 (multi-vitamin) to be sure we are not deficient in vitamins or minerals. And we use Fish Oil Concentrate 1,000 Mg by Fitness Labs to maintain healthy joints, which can take a beating from heavy weight training.

One of our goals is to compete in couples competitions. With determination and the aid of supplements from your Lindberg Nutrition store in Torrance, CA, we aim to look our best for the Subway Sandwich Fittest Couple competition in February 2007!

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