Creatine and electrolytes increase endurance

Power athletes have used creatine for muscle growth, but new research suggests an endurance benefit as well.

In this study, 25 male recreational cyclists, aged 19 to 33, took a placebo or 4 grams of creatine monohydrate plus four electrolytes: 114 mg sodium chloride, 171 mg calcium chloride, 286 mg magnesium chloride, and 171 mg potassium chloride, per day.

Before and after the six-week supplement period, the cyclists performed five short-duration sprints, resting two minutes between each. While there was no change for placebo, compared to the start of the study, those taking creatine plus electrolytes saw a 4 percent increase in overall, repeated peak power, and a 5 percent increase in average power. The study is the first to observe an endurance benefit for creatine, doctors said. 

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