Quercetin may speed recovery after intense exercise

Intense exercise increases oxidative damage. In this study, 14 men, average age 25.5 years, took a placebo or 500 mg of quercetin twice per day, for two weeks before and after an exercise designed to damage muscle. This was an “eccentric” exercise, meaning one that lengthens the muscle while it is under load.

For example, a bicep curl enters the eccentric phase as the arm slowly lowers the dumbbell back down until the arm is fully straight. Doctors measured levels of lipid peroxidation—oxidative damage—in red blood cells, and its byproduct, reactive oxygen species called TBARS.

Compared to placebo, those taking quercetin had significantly lower levels of lipid peroxidation and TBARS. Discussing the findings, doctors said that consistently supplementing with quercetin before and after strenuous exercise makes red blood cells better able to recover from oxidative stress.


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