Vitamin K2 may help athletic training

Cells produce energy inside specialized compartments called mitochondria. They make ATP — the "energy currency" of the body. Vitamin K2 can restore mitochondrial function. Therefore, it was hypothesized that supplemental K2 could boost the function of mitochondrial-dense muscles such as skeletal muscle and the heart. 

In this study, 26 male and female athletes took a placebo or 325 mcg of vitamin K2 per day for four weeks, then 160 mcg of vitamin K2 per day for four more weeks.

Taking a standard cycle ergometer test, the vitamin K2 group saw a 12 percent increase in the maximum amount of blood the heart could pump by the end of the study. Vitamin K2 appeared to reduce by several months the amount of continuous training it would take to increase heart pumping capacity without vitamin K2.

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