Montmorency tart cherry may boost recovery after strenuous exercise
In this study, 16 semi-professional male soccer players, age 21 to 29, took a placebo or 73.5 mg of anthocyanins present in 1 ounce of Montmorency tart cherry juice, mixed in 3 ounces of water twice per day, beginning four days before a trial and continuing three days after. Doctors asked the men to eat a low polyphenolic diet—avoiding astringent foods like grapes and tea—for 48 hours prior to the test, and to keep a food diary. Compared to placebo, the tart cherry group had greater maximum voluntary isometric muscle contraction, counter movement jump height, knee extensors, and quicker sprint times. The tart cherry group also had fewer signs of inflammation and reported less muscle soreness through the 72-hour period after the test. Discussing the findings, doctors said Montmorency tart cherry protects against declines in muscle function following strenuous exercise, particularly repeated-sprint sports such as soccer, rugby, and field hockey.

Reference: Nutrients; 2016, Vol. 8, No. 7, 441.
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