Betaine plus exercise helped women lose body fat

This is the first attempt to measure the effect of betaine supplements on women undergoing supervised resistance training, according to doctors.

In the study, 23 women college athletes, with body mass index scores of 25, took a placebo or 2,500 mg of betaine per day. On non-consecutive days, the women did lower body training twice per week, and upper body training once per week, continuing each set of exercises until momentary muscle failure. None had previously resistance trained.

After eight weeks, women in the betaine group had lost an average of 3.3 percent body fat compared to 1.7 percent for placebo, and 4.4 pounds of fat mass compared to 0.8 pounds for placebo. Women taking betaine were also able to perform more total exercises before muscle failure, compared to placebo. Discussing the findings, doctors said women taking betaine along with resistance training had enhanced body composition compared to women using resistance training alone.


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