L-arginine and antioxidants reduce pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is a high-blood-pressure complication that can occur in and just after pregnancy. In this study, 672 women in the 14th through 32nd week of pregnancy, with a personal or family history of pre-eclampsia, took a placebo or a supplement bar containing antioxidants, with or without l-arginine. L-arginine is an essential amino acid, which means it must come from diet.

The daily supplement bar contained 3.3 g of l-arginine, 250 mg of vitamin C, 200 IU of vitamin E, 25 mg of niacin, 2 mg of vitamin B6, 4.8 mcg of vitamin B12, and 200 mcg of folic acid, plus a healthy balance of fat, carbohydrates, sugars, and protein. Compared to placebo, women who took l-arginine were less than half as likely to have pre-eclampsia. Women who got the supplement without l-arginine were also less likely to have pre-eclampsia, but l-arginine had a much greater benefit.

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