Soy produces antioxidant benefits in athletes and weekend warriors

A study conducted at Ohio State University involved men who consumed Supro Soy brand isolated soy protein twice daily, combined with strenuous aerobic exercise.

Their ages ranged from 18 to 35. These men were untrained athletes, non-soyfood users and were not taking any nutritional supplements at the time. After a strenuous bout of exercise, creatine kinase, an indicator of muscle damage, significantly increased. However, the degree of this increase lowered after they drank a Supro Soy beverage, showing significant antioxidant effects in humans and proving superior to whey protein in this regard. During exercise, oxidant stress is believed to be a major contributor to muscle injury.

This study confirms our opinion that you should eat a variety of proteins because they each have unique health benefits. The type of soy used in the study was an isolate, 90% protein, and was the exact same soy used in several of the products in our catalog from various manufacturers. 

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