Polyphenols boost exercise recovery and performance

In this study, 15 recreationally active people took 900 mg of a polyphenol extract from grape, pomegranate, and green tea, or a placebo, just before high-intensity anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise develops short-burst muscle strength and speed.

While there were no changes for placebo, those taking the polyphenol extract saw a 5 percent increase in total power output, maximum peak power improve by 3.7 percent, and an average power gain of 5 percent, without inducing fatigue or increasing heart rate.

One hour after exercise, compared to placebo, blood pressure was significantly lower, and antioxidant activity of the natural enzyme, superoxide dismutase, had improved. Discussing the findings, doctors said there appears to be a synergistic effect between the natural botanical extracts of polyphenols and caffeine in grape, pomegranate, and green tea that may improve blood vessel elasticity, improve performance, and aid recovery.

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