Propolis help control glycemic levels in people with type 2 diabetes

Many cultures including the Greeks and Egyptians have used propolis—the resin-like combination of tree sap and beeswax made by bees—as medicine for thousands of years. There are over 300 compounds in propolis, most containing polyphenols, including antioxidant-rich flavonoids.

In this review of six placebo-controlled trials covering 373 people with type 2 diabetes, doctors found those taking propolis saw average declines in overnight fasting blood sugar levels of 13.51 mg per deciliter of blood (mg/dL), and declines in long-term average, three-month A1C levels of 0.52 percent.

Discussing the findings, doctors said this analysis of multiple placebo-controlled trials suggests that bee propolis may be a novel, safe and effective way for those with type 2 diabetes to control glycemic levels. 

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