Red clover and probiotics may reduce menopause symptoms

The red clover plant contains isoflavones that have estrogenic effects on the body. Earlier studies found red clover may be beneficial in menopausal women with heart and bone health concerns.

In this study, 59 peri-menopausal women, aged 40 to 65, who reported having five or more hot flushes per day, took a placebo or a liquid red clover extract containing 34 mg of isoflavones plus a lactic acid probiotic, per day.

After 12 weeks, while the placebo group had not improved, for those taking red clover, doctors measured over a 24-hour period a significant drop in sweat gland activity on the skin; a primary sign of hot flushes. The women taking red clover also reported three fewer hot flushes per day compared to nearly no reduction for placebo. Discussing the findings, doctors said that moderate doses of red clover isoflavones with probiotics can safely reduce the physical and self-reported symptoms of menopause.


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