Critically ill patients likely to be deficient in CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 is present in every cell in the body and helps produce energy. Diseases and drugs, especially statins, reduce stores of CoQ10, and CoQ10 may also decline with age.

Doctors wanted to see if those who are critically ill would be deficient in CoQ10, and in this study compared 36 critically ill people in intensive care to 18 healthy people. None were taking statins.Compared to the healthy participants, those who were critically ill had much lower CoQ10 levels, with the lowest levels in the eldest of these. Critical illness means a life-threatening situation that requires continuous monitoring. Doctors found that all the critically ill, regardless of the cause, were deficient in CoQ10 and, after discharge saw that CoQ10 levels were lower in those who reported the most difficulty with daily living activities.

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