Tocotrienols may help rebuild bone

Bone mass naturally thins with age, a condition called osteopenia, but drug treatments to slow bone loss have serious side effects.  

In this first study to test tocotrienols in osteopenia, 87 postmenopausal women with the condition took 400 IU of vitamin D plus 500 mg of calcium per day. They took these with either a placebo, 270 mg of delta tocotrienol plus 30 mg of gamma tocotrienol, or double the tocotrienols dose, per day. After 12 weeks, while the placebo group had not changed, those taking either dose of tocotrienols saw a 100 percent increase in the ratio of a primary bone-forming biomarker to a bone-breakdown biomarker.

Another ratio of bone breakdown to formation improved 18 percent for tocotrienols while deteriorating 28 percent for placebo. Discussing the findings from this first-of-its-kind clinical trial, doctors said, unlike vitamin D which supports calcium in bone building, tocotrienols work directly with living bone-forming and bone-breakdown cells to create a balance that favors bone build-up.

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