MK-7 (a form of vitamin K2) may ease joint symptoms

In normal joints, the synovium is a thin, delicate lining that provides nutrients for cartilage.

Synovial cells make joint lubricants, collagen, and fibronectin for structural joint support. In rheumatoid arthritis (RA), this lining thickens and inflames. MK-7 is one of the menaquinones, which doctors believe kill RA synovial cells. A recent study found MK-4 beneficial in RA, but MK-7 is more bioavailable, hence this study. In the study, 84 men and women with RA took 100 mcg of MK-7 per day, or a placebo, while continuing on other medications. After three months, while the placebo group had not changed, those taking MK-7 had measurably lower levels of two types of inflammation, fewer of the proteins that degrade connective tissue in RA, and lower disease activity scores in 28 joints. 

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