Ginger helps women improve memory and cognitive function

Researchers said various studies suggest middle-aged women can develop some form of cognitive impairment including attention, calculation, and immediate recall, and that evidence points to oxidative stress as a contributing factor. Recent research has focused on antioxidant cognitive enhancers from medicinal plants, such as ginger, or Zingiber officinale, which has a long history in folk medicine.

In the study, 60 healthy women, aged 50 to 60, took a placebo, or 400 mg or 800 mg of standardized ginger extract per day. There were no major cognitive differences between the women at the start of the study.

After two months, while there were no changes for placebo, women in the ginger group had better test results for working memory, attention, and improved cognitive processing powers compared to the start of the study. Doctors concluded ginger is safe and an effective cognitive enhancer for middle-aged women.

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