Longjack may improve stress hormone and mental health

Because pharmaceutical mood drugs have harsh side effects, doctors want to identify complementary and alternative medicines that are effective, but safer.

In this study, 93 moderately stressed healthy participants, aged 25 to 65, from underweight to obese, took a placebo or 100 mg of the adaptogen longjack (eurycoma longifolia) plus a standard multivitamin-mineral per day. While there were no changes for placebo, those in the longjack/multivitamin group reported fewer limitations due to emotional health after six weeks, and after 12 weeks, more energy and less fatigue.

For mental health, at week 12, the longjack group reported twice the improvement compared to placebo, and for emotional well-being, nearly three times the improvement. The ability to function socially continued to improve through week 12 for the longjack group, but in the placebo group, improvements were lower, and had ceased improving by week six.


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