Probiotics associated with fewer headaches

Unlike a common tension headache, where blood vessels contract, in migraine, doctors believe blood vessels dilate, often causing visual aura effects in addition to throbbing pain.

Symptoms can last for hours and up to days and may include extreme sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting.

Those who experience 14 or fewer episodes per month have “episodic” migraine, while those with 15 or more have “chronic” migraine.

In this study, 79 people with fewer than 10, and up to more than 15, migraines per month, took a placebo or a multi-strain probiotic capsule with at least 2-billion live probiotics, twice per day.

After eight weeks, for those with the most-frequent migraines, the probiotics group reported nearly 10 fewer migraines per month compared to less than one fewer for placebo.

The probiotics group also reported less severe symptoms, shorter duration, and less need for medication. In those with lower-frequency migraines (14 or less), after 10 weeks, while the placebo group had not significantly improved, the probiotics group reported 2.6 fewer migraines per month, with less severe symptoms and less need for medication.

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