Aged garlic extract lowers high blood pressure

Controlling high blood pressure helps protect the heart.

In this study, 49 adults with uncontrolled high blood pressure took a placebo or a daily dose of aged garlic extract (Kyolic®). After 12 weeks, those taking aged garlic extract saw an average reduction in systolic blood pressure of 10 mmHg and 5.4 mmHg in diastolic blood pressure, compared to placebo.

Those taking garlic also saw lower pressure in the central blood vessels and arteries that carry blood to and from the heart, as well as more flexible arteries. Also, those taking garlic had measurable increases in the gut probiotics lactobacillus and clostridia, signaling a more balanced microbiome.

Reviewing the results, doctors said aged garlic extract is safe for treating high blood pressure, with multiple benefits for heart and circulatory health.

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