Probiotic reduced strep throat
A variety of viruses and bacteria can cause sore throat (pharyngitis), making it one of the most common infections. In this study, 48 kids with a recent history of acute pharyngitis— strep throat—took the probiotic streptococcus salivarius K12 during a nine-month follow-up period. Overall, episodes of strep throat decreased from 154 before the study to 16 episodes during the study, or 90 percent fewer episodes of strep throat. Doctors also compared the 48 children with recent strep throat to 76 kids who had relatively few recent incidents and found those taking the probiotic were 75 to 100 percent less likely to experience a range of ear, nose, and throat infections.

Reference: Drug, HealthCare and Patient Safety 2016, 8:77-81.
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