Omega-3s improve health factors in obesity
Chronic low-grade inflammation usually accompanies obesity, increasing chances for health complications. In this study, 59 women with obesity were on a calorie controlled diet while taking a placebo or 1,800 mg of EPA with DHA per day. After three months, while the placebo group had not changed, women in the omega-3 group had significantly higher circulating levels of EPA and DHA, far fewer signs of low-grade inflammation, and lower fasting levels of triglycerides and insulin.

Omega-3 fatty acids appear to combat chronic low-grade inflammation by combining with cellular enzymes to reduce pro-inflammatory proteins. Doctors said the findings suggest a role for EPA and DHA in managing obesity, maintaining a healthy metabolism, and reducing chances of health conditions related to inflammation.

Reference: Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids; 2016, Vol. 1861, No. 11, 1746-55.
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