Iodine reduces cholesterol

The thyroid gland produces the hormone that regulates how quickly the body uses energy, and needs sufficient levels of iodine in order to do so. If thyroid hormone is low, the body will release thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) to prod the thyroid to produce more. Elevated TSH levels are linked to higher cholesterol levels.

In this study, doctors gave 163 iodine-deficient, overweight and obese Moroccan women 200 mcg of iodine per day, or a placebo.

After six months, the iodine group had TSH levels 33 percent lower than placebo, and higher thyroid hormone levels. The iodine group also saw total cholesterol levels decline by 11 percent, and 21.5 percent had elevated cholesterol levels compared to 34.8 percent in the placebo group.

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