Zeaxanthin, lutein, astaxanthin, antioxidants and vitamins improved visual function in those with AMD

The macular pigment xanthophylls zeaxanthin and lutein function in the eye as antioxidant agents and blue-light filters, and protect against age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Blue-light photooxidative damage has been implicated in the etiology of AMD.

In a multicenter study, 145 patients with AMD received either a dietary supplement containing zeaxanthin (1 mg), lutein (10 mg), astaxanthin (4 mg), and antioxidants/vitamins, or no dietary supplementation for 2 years.

Compared to the non-treated group, those on the dietary supplement showed significantly better visual scores at 24-months, and an improvement in contrast sensitivity and higher National Eye Institute Visual function questionnaire scores at 12 and 24 months.

The study concluded that “patients treated with lutein/zeaxanthin and astaxanthin together with other nutrients were more likely to report clinically meaningful stabilization/improvements in visual scores, contrast sensitivity and visual function through 24 months compared with nontreated subjects.”

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