Ginger may reduce heavy menstrual bleeding in young women

Heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) is the most common reason for gynecological visits to doctors and hospitals, and physicians often prescribe drugs that can cause serious side effects.

In this study, doctors followed 92 young women with HMB through six menstrual cycles. During the first three cycles, doctors assessed menstrual blood flow, confirming HMB, then asked the women to take 250 mg of dried ginger capsules per day, or a placebo, for the next three cycles. During the next three months, compared to placebo, the level of menstrual blood loss declined dramatically for women in the ginger group. Because HMB is so common and can interfere with lifestyle, work performance, daily activities, and social engagements, ginger may be a safe and effective therapeutic option for women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding, doctors said.

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