Pycnogenol improves quality of life in peri-menopausal women

As women transition through menopause, estrogen decreases, raising chances for heart and vascular events.

In this study, 35 peri-menopausal women took 100 mg of Pycnogenol® per day. Doctors compared these women to 35 other women with the same heart and vascular factors who did not take Pycnogenol. After eight weeks, 41 percent of the women taking Pycnogenol reported relief from hot flashes compared to 3 percent for the control group. The Pycnogenol group also improved significantly compared to controls with fewer night sweats and irregular periods. Levels of inflammatory homocysteine and C-reactive protein, and signs of oxidative stress also declined for Pycnogenol but not for the controls. And while the controls did not improve, triglyceride levels, systolic blood pressure, and fasting blood sugar levels all declined for Pycnogenol, while mood improved.

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