CoQ10 improves factors in diabetic kidney disease

In this study, 50 people with diabetic kidney disease took a placebo or 100 mg of CoQ10 per day.

After 12 weeks, doctors discovered several benefits. For those taking CoQ10, insulin levels decreased by 3.4 mass international units per milliliter of blood (µIU/mL), while increasing 0.8 for placebo. Also for CoQ10, insulin resistance and long-term average blood sugar levels decreased while increasing for placebo.

Doctors also found fewer signs of oxidative stress in the CoQ10 group, but more signs of oxidation for placebo. In one of the most important findings, levels of a blood vessel-damaging protein that forms when blood sugar is chronically elevated—a factor in diabetic kidney disease—were lower for CoQ10 while increasing for placebo.


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