Zinc may help with weight loss

Doctors wanted to test the effects of zinc on measures of health in obese people. In this study, 60 healthy obese men and women, aged 18 to 45, took a placebo or 30 mg of zinc gluconate per day. The U.S. dietary reference intake for zinc is 8 to 11 mg per day.

After one month, triglycerides had declined by 3 points for placebo and by 15 points in the zinc group. Both groups began the study with triglyceride values close to 150, the high end of the normal range.

Researchers also took several body measurements. The placebo group lost less than one pound while those taking zinc lost almost four pounds. The placebo group lost a half-inch around the waist compared to 0.75 inches for zinc, and body mass index scores declined by one-tenth point for placebo compared to 7/10 point for zinc. Doctors said zinc may be a suitable supplement therapy for those managing their weight.

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