Vitamin K2 slows bone loss

In Japan, doctors treat osteoporosis with a high, 90 mcg daily dose of a type of vitamin K2, menaquinone 4.

In this study, researchers wanted to test lower dosages of K2. They gave a placebo or a low daily dose of 3 mcg of vitamin K2 to 48 postmenopausal Japanese women.

After 12 months, high osteocalcin levels—a sign of vitamin K deficiency and low bone mineral density—had declined in the vitamin K group. Also compared to placebo, the vitamin K group had fewer signs of the protein damage that increases chances for bone fracture. Researchers then measured bone mineral density of the forearm, which decreased in the placebo group but improved in those taking the low dose of vitamin K2.

Reference: J Bone Miner Metab. 2013 May 24. Epub ahead of print

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