Pycnogenol® and CoQ10 improve heart function for those with heart failure

In heart failure, heart muscles gradually weaken or stiffen, failing to pump enough blood to tissues and organs.

In one study, 53 participants with stable heart failure, average age 61, took a daily combination of Pycnogenol plus coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) or a placebo. Three in four participants were also taking three or more prescription heart failure drugs.

After 12 weeks, 14 percent of participants in the placebo group improved compared to 28 percent for Pycnogenol/CoQ10 group.

All improvements were greater in the Pycnogenol/CoQ10 group, including lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure, lower heart rate, and lower rate of breathing. In heart pumping capacity, the Pycnogenol/CoQ10 group improved 22 percent compared to 4 percent for placebo.

While there was little change for placebo, walking distance increased 3.3 times, and leg and foot swelling decreased significantly in the Pycnogenol/CoQ10 group.

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