Probiotics helped ease colic

Researchers who presented their findings at a recent gathering of pediatricians said that they wanted to see if they could reduce crying time in infants with colic by improving the balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. Doctors gave 50 infants with colic 100 million colony-forming units of a Lactobacillus reuteri supplement per day or a placebo for three weeks.

After seven days, infants in the placebo group spent 50 percent less time crying per day compared to 68 percent less time for the probiotics group. After three weeks, the average crying time in the placebo group was 90 minutes per day compared to 35 minutes per day for those who took probiotics. Also after three weeks, 43 percent of children in the placebo group no longer had colic compared to 84 percent of the children who had taken probiotics.

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