Multi-vitamins help with weight loss

Overweight women who took multi-vitamins lost weight, improved cholesterol levels and burned more calories at rest than women who didn’t take supplements.

Doctors in a multi-vitamin/mineral study explained that those who are overweight are more likely to have lower levels of nutrients in the blood and may be less able to absorb nutrients.

Researchers wanted to test the effect of nutritional supplements on weight control, blood fats and energy. About 90 overweight women, aged 18 to 55, took a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, 162 mg of calcium, or a placebo per day. After 26 weeks, the placebo group had lost less than 1 pound, the calcium group had lost less than 2 pounds, and the multi-vitamin/mineral group had lost nearly 8 pounds.

Compared to the start of the study, while there was no change for the placebo or calcium groups for other measured factors, the multi-vitamin group had lower body mass index, lower total and “bad” LDL cholesterol, significantly higher “good” HDL cholesterol, and burned more calories while resting.

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