Shape up in just 12 weeks

For a person who wishes to lose weight and strengthen muscle, we break down a 12-week program into two parts. First focusing on strength and gaining muscle, the second more focused on getting cut. If you are already at your ideal weight but want to increase muscle strength and tone, the program will be the same for the entire 12 weeks. Minor adjustments in carbohydrate consumption may be necessary.


Goals: lose weight, gain muscle

Weeks 1-6

Training: Do low rep, moderate to heavy weight training 3x per week and moderate pace cardio 3x per week.

Diet: Eat high protein (1 gram per pound of body weight), low carbohydrate, moderate fat.Calories 10x goal body weight to start.

Supplements: Use a whey protein or meal replacement powder, fat burner (non-stimulant), multivitamin, creatine (plain powder) and ZMA (zinc, magnesium, B-6).

Weeks 7-12

Training: Do high rep circuit weight training 3x per week and moderate paced cardio 3x per week on separate days.

Diet: Same as first six weeks except eliminate all sugars, decrease sodium and adjust carb intake-typically downward, but based on fat loss in first six weeks.

Supplements: Substitute a thermogenic (stimulant) formula for a non-stimulant fat burner. Switch from meal replacements (which have carbs) to lower carb whey powders.

Optional additions include L-carnitine, flax oil, psyllium or other fiber products.


Goals: increase tone, strength 

Weeks 1-12

Training: Do high rep, moderate weight training 4x per week, moderate cardio 2-3x per week (30-45 min sessions).

Diet: Eat high protein, moderate carbs, moderate fat. Calories should be at 12x body weight to start.

Supplements: Use a meal replacement or whey protein powder, thermogenic (stimulant) formula, creatine transport (one with carbs), flax oil, ZMA, multivitamin and aminos.

Always remember to drink plenty of water, use good form with weight training and check with your doctor before starting any exercise or training program. You'll be amazed how quickly you can improve your physique and health by following this exercise, diet and supplement routine. Hundreds of others already have.

Good luck!

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