Vitamin D reduces skin sensitivity

People with skin allergy, or dermatitis, often have weak immune systems that overreact by producing antibodies that cause an allergic reaction and raise skin sensitivity.  

Because vitamin D plays a role in immunity, doctors wanted to test for a link between vitamin D levels and sensitivity to house dust mites, a skin irritant. In this study, doctors measured levels of vitamin D and immune antibodies in 80 men and women with mild to severe atopic dermatitis.

All participants were deficient in vitamin D, with levels below 20 nanograms per milliliter of blood. Those with severe dermatitis had nearly eight times the level of antibodies compared to those with mild dermatitis.

Discussing the findings, doctors said people with dermatitis who are also low in vitamin D are more sensitive to dust mites, and that raising vitamin D levels may reduce sensitivity to dust mites and ease dermatitis symptoms.

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