CoQ10 may improve wrinkles

CoQ10 is a vitamin-like nutrient naturally present in every cell of the body, and it helps the cells produce energy.

Cosmetics companies use CoQ10 as an ingredient in topical formulas, but research on the skin effects of taking CoQ10 as an oral supplement is very limited. 

In this study, 33 healthy volunteers, average age 53, took a placebo, 50 mg, or 150 mg of CoQ10 per day.

After 12 weeks, both CoQ10 groups saw improvement in wrinkles around the eyes, and the high-dose group also saw wrinkles improve around the mouth, nose, and lips. CoQ10 did not hydrate the skin or protect from UVB light in this study.

Discussing the findings, doctors said taking CoQ10 helped reduce seasonal deterioration in skin elasticity and improved some visible signs of aging, including significantly reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and improving skin smoothness. 

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