HMB may improve health for those who are ill and malnourished

Nutrition was critical to survival because it helps keep your body, especially your muscle, functioning properly,” doctors said. In this study, 652 older malnourished adults, hospitalized for acute heart and lung conditions, took a nutritional drink with 20 grams of protein, 160 IU of vitamin D, and 1,500 mg of HMB—an amino acid derivative that supports muscle function—twice per day, or a placebo, during their hospital stay and for 90 days afterward. 

After 90 days from being discharged from the hospital, the mortality rate was significantly lower with the HMB group (4.8%) compared to the placebo group (9.7%). Also, the HMB group had consistently higher body weight and better nutrient levels. Discussing the findings, doctors said for those who are ill and malnourished, the study clearly supports the power of nutrition in improving health outcomes.

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