Anti-inflammatory diets reduce chances of developing prostate cancer
Chronic inflammation is a factor in developing cancer, and diets can promote or discourage inflammation. To measure the inflammatory tendencies of different diets, doctors have developed the Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII), using 36 food variables. Anti-inflammatory foods include fruits, vegetables, omega-3, and fiber, while pro-inflammatory foods include omega-6, refined sugars, and highly processed foods, among others.

In this study, 6,542 healthy-weight to overweight men and women, average age 49, completed at least six dietary surveys during the first two years, with doctors following up for an average of 10 more years. Overall, doctors found a link between pro-inflammatory diets and greater chances of developing prostate cancer, but no link to other cancers.

Reference: The Journal of Nutrition; March, 2016, Published Online.
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