Antioxidants may reduce chances for a more aggressive form of prostate cancer
"Men with prostate cancer often have low levels of dietary antioxidants and increased lipid peroxidation,” doctors said. In this study, researchers measured total antioxidant capacity (TAC)— including from diet and supplements—and how aggressive prostate cancer was in 855 black Americans and 945 white Americans with low, intermediate, or highly aggressive prostate cancer.

Doctors found a direct link: the lower the TAC level, the more aggressive the prostate cancer, with no significant differences between black and white men. On average overall, men with the highest TAC levels were 69 percent less likely to have developed highly aggressive prostate cancer compared to those with the lowest total antioxidant capacity from diet and supplements.

Reference: Nutrition and Cancer; 2016, Vol. 68, No. 2, 214-24.
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