Whey protein, BCAAs, creatine and caffeine reduced body fat and increased muscle mass

Whey, creatine and caffeine each have a significant amount of research to support positive effects, but they had never been tested collectively.

A recent study tested the effects of a pre-workout formula containing whey (9g), branched-chain amino acids (1g), creatine (1.5g) and caffeine (100 mg) consumed 30 minutes before exercise. Subjects participated in high intensity interval training 3 days per week for 3 weeks. This involved 5 sets of 2 minute sprints on a treadmill with 1 minute between running bouts.

Compared to a control group receiving carbohydrate, the combination formula allowed the athletes to train harder resulting in improved responses in cardiovascular fitness, percentage body fat reduction (from 19.3% down to 16.1%), and the accumulation of lean body mass (2.6 pounds).The results support the combined use of whey, caffeine and creatine for augmenting exercise capacity and positive changes in body composition in response to short- term training.

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