People with metabolic syndrome may need more vitamin C and E

New research suggests people with metabolic syndrome (MetS) may need more vitamins C and E.

MetS is characterized by high blood pressure, high blood sugar, belly fat and abnormal cholesterol or triglycerides. MetS diets are often high in saturated fat, which can injure gut walls and allow bacteria to leak into circulation.

The body, thinking it is being attacked, releases white blood cells to kill the leaked bacteria, a process that destroys vitamin C. So, those with MetS can eat the same amount of vitamin C as healthy people but still have lower concentrations of vitamin C.

Vitamin C also protects vitamin E, doctors explained, adding, “If you don’t have the vitamin C, the vitamin E gets lost, and then you lose both those antioxidants and end up in the vicious circle of depleting your antioxidant protection.”

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