CoQ10 combats metabolic syndrome

In this study, 60 adults with metabolic syndrome who were overweight or obese, or who had type 2 diabetes, took a placebo or 100 mg of CoQ10 per day.

After eight weeks, insulin levels had declined for CoQ10 while increasing for placebo. Insulin resistance—when the body does not use insulin efficiently to metabolize glucose—decreased for CoQ10 while increasing for placebo. And the cells responsible for producing insulin functioned better in those who took CoQ10. Total antioxidant capacity in the CoQ10 group improved significantly while the placebo group had declined.

Discussing the findings, doctors said compared to placebo, people with metabolic syndrome who took 100 mg of CoQ10 per day had better insulin levels, less insulin resistance, greater antioxidant capacity, and fewer signs of chronic inflammation.

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