Sinetrol® citrus extracts significantly decreased body weight and abdominal fat

A combination of extracts from multiple Mediterranean fruits (red orange, sweet orange, grapefruit and guarana) may help people slim down due to their specific polyphenol content. In a 12 week, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial, doctors tested a 450 mg twice-daily dose of a citrus-based polyphenol extract Sinetrol® Xpur. The group supplementing with Sinetrol® Xpur was able to decrease body weight (-7.4 lbs) and abdominal fat (-9.7%), as well as waist and hip circumference (-7.5% and -5.3%, respectively).

The Sinetrol® Xpur group also reported an increase in general satisfaction, perception of energy, and perception of well-being. All of these physical and mental changes had statistically significant differences when compared to placebo. Doctors say these benefits may come from the synergistic effects of naringin, hesperidin and other bioactive polyphenols found in this blend of fruit extracts. 

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