Omega-3s help preserve cognitive function and cardio-metabolic health

Prior studies suggest omega-3s help preserve healthy cognitive function, and heart and metabolic health. Doctors said metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes have a link to cognitive decline but few studies explore this relationship.

Here, researchers sought a connection between omega-3s, cognitive performance, and cardio-metabolic factors in healthy men and women.In the study, 40 participants, aged 51 to 72, took a placebo or a supplement containing 1,500 mg of EPA, 1,050 mg of DHA, and 450 mg of other omega-3 fatty acids per day, in two alternating five-week phases. Doctors tested cognitive performance and measured metabolic markers after each phase.

Compared to the placebo phases, during the omega-3 phases, participants had a 5 percent decline in one marker of inflammation, had 6 mmHg lower average systolic blood pressure, an average decline in triglycerides of 16 mg per deciliter of blood, and scored better on cognitive assessment tests.

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