DHA from fish oil improves fatty liver disease in kids

Children who are overweight or obese—especially around the waist—are more likely to have fatty liver disease, as are kids with diabetes, insulin resistance, or high blood fats. In the early stages of fatty liver, fat accumulates in liver cells. In later stages, scar tissue can form, impairing the liver.

In a recent study, 60 kids whose biopsies revealed a fatty liver took 250 mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) per day, 500 mg of DHA per day or a placebo. After six months, doctors used ultrasound to measure liver-fat content. Compared to placebo, those who had taken either dose of DHA had less severe fat buildup in liver cells, greater insulin sensitivity and lower total blood fat levels. Doctors said prior studies had found DHA has anti-inflammatory and insulin-sensitizing effects and believe DHA stimulates the genes that control insulin sensitivity and blood sugar metabolism. 

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