Fenugreek extract boosts libido in women
This study followed 80 menstruating women, aged 20 to 49, who reported low sex drive, and who took 600 mg of fenugreek seed extract providing 300 mg of fenusides per day, or a placebo. After eight weeks, and two menstrual cycles, women in the fenugreek group had measurably higher levels of the hormones estradiol and free testosterone. Compared to placebo, women taking fenugreek reported a greater increase in sexual desire and arousal, as well as in sexual activity. To a lesser extent, women in the placebo group also reported improvements in these three areas, which doctors had expected because all the women had expressed an interest in improving their sex lives as they entered the study.

Discussing the findings, doctors said estradiol stimulates vaginal lubrication and blood flow, positively affecting a woman’s capacity for sexual arousal and orgasm, and that the study results appear to support this beneficial effect in women.

Reference: Phytotherapy Research; 2015, Vol. 8, 1123-30.
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