Young adults need more vitamin E
A large new study finds most Americans are low in vitamin E, particularly those aged 20 to 30. The study followed 7,922 people for four years and found those who relied solely on food as a source had inadequate levels of vitamin E. Those who took vitamin E supplements in addition to diet had adequate levels. Four in 10 of those age 51 or older had inadequate vitamin E levels, seven in 10 of those aged 31 to 50 were low, and nearly nine in 10 of those age 20 to 30 had low levels of vitamin E.

Discussing the findings, doctors said vitamin E plays an important role in protecting cell membranes from free radical oxidative damage, and that adequate vitamin E levels may extend life, help maintain cognitive function, and help ensure healthy reproduction.

Reference: PLoS One; 2015, Vol. 10, No. 8, e0135510.
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