Antioxidants for dry eye
Tears lubricate and protect the eye, but age, ill health, and the environment can reduce the quality and quantity of tears. In this study, 43 people with dry eye took a daily antioxidant supplement or a placebo for eight weeks. The supplement contained 2 mg astaxanthin, 120 mg bilberry extract, 1,500 IU vitamin A, 50 mg vitamin C, 11 mcg selenium, 10 mg zinc gluconate, 3 mg B-complex vitamins, 45 IU vitamin E, 200 mg goji berry, and 200 mg cassia seed.

After eight weeks, those taking the antioxidant supplement had lower levels of damaging reactive oxygen species in tears, levels of which had increased for placebo. Also in the antioxidant group, tears took longer to evaporate and there was less pain, burning, and itching.

Reference: Clinical Ophthalmology; 2016, No. 10, 813-20.
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