Prickly pear promotes weight loss by binding with dietary fat
Earlier lab studies found prickly pear cactus fiber promoted weight loss by binding to dietary fats and reducing fat absorption. In this study, 20 healthy men and women, aged 18 to 60, with body mass index scores from 20 to 30, took a placebo or 1,000 mg of cactus fiber three times per day with meals containing 35 percent fat, in two seven-day study cycles. Before this, everyone ate the diet and took a placebo for seven days. Doctors collected excretion samples 24 hours after the end of each of the three phases. Participants who had taken cactus fiber excreted 15.79 percent fat compared to 4.56 percent for placebo. Cactus fiber was safe and there were no side effects. Doctors said the study was short and don’t know if the results would be sustained over a longer time, but that the findings suggest cactus fiber may help promote weight loss.

Reference: Current Therapeutic Research; December, 2014, Vol. 76, 39-44.
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